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Political Ads

Connect with your audience and engage potential voters with a video explaining who you are, what you’re running for, and what you stand for.

Political Ad Packages


30-second ad

from $800)

Perfect for social media campaigns, a 30-second ad conveys your platform in a concise and tight package.


60-second ad
(from $1200)

Perfect for YouTube or TV campaigns, a 60-second ad expands on your platform and invites people to know you better.



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Quick turnaround

Have a tight deadline you need to get a video done by? We can accommodate!

Motion Graphics

Spice up your campaign with a custom-animated logo that can be used anywhere.

Design Logo

We’ll get your campaign off to a running start by designing a logo to use anywhere you want.

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Other Services as Needed

Whatever you need, we’ll get you from point A to point B.

Looking for something else?

Drop us a line and let us know what you need — we’ll do our best to accommodate.


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